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Free Spirits Brewing” for the best craft beer in Himeji| DEEBO FAM fest Company Profile

Japan Great beer Awards

At DEEBO’s first regional promotional event “DEEBO fanfest vo.1” held last November, we were pleased to have the cooperation of many local businesses as exhibitors.

In this third installment of our blog series, we introduce Free Spirits Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Himeji. We asked them about their passion for craft beer making and their future goals.

Free Spirits Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Himeji

A woman is holding Free Spirits Brewing White castle Beer

Free Spirits Brewing is a microbrewery that opened in August 2022. The brewery has a restaurant attached to the brewery in the hopes of “making craft beer more accessible to the people of Himeji. The restaurant also offers an extensive menu of dishes that go perfectly with the beer.

The restaurant also offers easy-to-understand tips on how to enjoy craft beer even for beginners and how to pair it with food, making it a very popular place to experience the full appeal of craft beer! The brewery also has a beer garden on its rooftop, which is a great location in the summer.

The brewery’s “White Castle Ale” recently won second place in the “Japan Great Beer Awards 2023,” further increasing its popularity.

“We want to create good craft beer in Himeji.”

Men Holding Free Spirits Brewing in front of White Castle

Free Spirits Brewing’s first encounter with craft beer was in California. A friend took me to a brewery, and I was captivated by the golden beer pouring out of the tap. My friend told me that I could make it at home, so I immediately bought all the tools I needed and started making beer.

Later, when I presented my home-brewed beer to my friends at a party, they raved about how delicious it was! They raved about it! However, after returning to Himeji, he was disappointed that there was no place in his hometown where he could drink craft beer, and decided to quit his job and devote himself to beer making, saying, “I want to make good craft beer in this area. Despite his parents’ opposition, his passion for beer brewing never wavered.

After training to become a professional, he opened “Free Spirits Brewing” in front of Himeji Station. The unique and delicious beers quickly became popular among the locals. With his passion and talent, he has breathed new life into Himeji and has come to be known as the “Blue Meister of Himeji.

Diversity of Beers to Enjoy at Free Spirits Brewing

free spirits brewing bottles

The main attraction of Free Spirits Brewing is its diversity. Whether you are a beer lover or someone who has yet to discover craft beer, we offer a wide range of flavors, from light and refreshing to rich and full-bodied boules.Free Spirits Brewing’s passion and commitment to beer has attracted a diverse range of fans from all walks of life.

Here are some of Free Spirits Brewing’s recommended beers.

White Castle Ale

White Castle Ale, which won second place in the Japan Great Beer Award 2023, is a fruit ale with a refreshing taste made with yuzu and sansho (Japanese pepper) from Hyogo Prefecture. As the name suggests, this beer was created in the image of Himeji Castle, a World Heritage site. The brewery says that it is juicy and easy to drink, even for those who don’t like beer, so if you visit Free Spirits Brewing, you should try it first.

Free Spirits Brewing’s IPA series

IPA (India Pale Ale) is a style of beer. IPAs are characterized by a higher alcohol content than regular pale ales, and there are many subcategories of IPAs, each with different characteristics, so you are sure to find your favorite.

Free Spirits Brewing’s IPA series (check their official Instagram for updates!)

American IPA

American IPA” is the first in Free Spirits Brewing’s IPA series. It is a drink with a strong hop aroma and bitterness without the use of fruit. As the message says, “Enjoy the fruity aroma of hops,” you will be able to enjoy the true flavor of each ingredient.

Carifolnian IPA

This West Coast style IPA with a strong hop aroma is a beer for beer lovers with its strong bitterness and hop aroma. With a high alcohol content of 6.5%, it has an addictive finish with a firm bitterness in the aftertaste”, it is recommended for those who want a beer with a kick!

Fruity IPA

As the name suggests, this is a very enjoyable beer with a variety of flavors such as lychee and coconut. It has a fruity aroma derived from hops and is an easy-drinking beer! The brewery says, “This beer has a fruity aroma from the hops and is very easy to drink! This beer is especially recommended for those who are looking for a fruity, pop beer!

Promoting the appeal of craft beer from Himeji

Free Spirits Brewing Bottle With glass

We want to make delicious beer and make it accessible to people in Himeji so that people can understand the appeal of craft beer. I want to make craft beer culture take root in Himeji!

The challenge of Free Spirits Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Himeji, has just begun as they talk about their future goals. In addition to brewing beer at the brewery and running the store, they hope to actively participate in events around the country, so keep your eyes peeled for their future activities!

Check out their official Instagram for information on the store, new beers, and event appearances!

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