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What is DEEBO, an international digital marketing company in Japan?

DEEBO, an international digital marketing company in Japan

In the digital age, companies are becoming increasingly globalized and need a marketing firm that is fluent in English in order to develop overseas markets. To meet this need, DEEBO is an English-speaking marketing firm in Japan that helps Japanese companies expand their global operations, providing highly specialized support in the areas of SEO, SEM, SNS marketing, and design production.

English-speaking digital marketing company based out of Japan

DEEBO is a global marketing company founded in 2022. We provide digital marketing in English and Japanese. We help both foreign companies planning to do business in Japan and Japanese companies looking to expand their market overseas.

DEEBO’s headquarters is located in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and the company conducts business globally with sales managers stationed around the world.

Liam Blyth, the CEO, has extensive experience in the marketing business, including working for Google Australia, and has over 20 years of digital marketing knowledge and experience in helping clients grow their businesses, both domestically and internationally.

In addition, professionals in various fields from around the world have joined and work together at DEEBO. We have a diverse group of people, including members who are well-versed in digital marketing in Japan, as well as those who are familiar with the markets in Europe and the United States.

Our greatest strength is that each member of our team is well-versed in the latest developments in business and digital marketing, both in Japan and overseas. This enables us to help companies expand their business, both domestically and internationally, with high quality.

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Our Corporate Concept

Creating deep bonds and helping companies make powerful audience connections.

The most important thing for DEEBO is “connection”. We help our clients build stronger and more solid connections with their customers and develop these connections on a global scale. Through marketing services that only DEEBO can provide, we support our clients in building connections.

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DEEBO’s Business

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

DEEBO selects the best keywords for our client’s business in search engine marketing (SEM) and delivers effective ads. Promotion Ads, etc., depending on the objectives of the client’s business.

By displaying relevant ads when users search, you can reach potential users and increase awareness. By improving brand strength through search engine marketing, you can attract new customers and deepen your connection with potential customers at the same time.

In addition, search engine marketing can easily lead to conversions and cost-effective results by setting appropriate keywords and targeted advertising. Thorough research, including keyword research, competitive research, and market analysis, is essential for this purpose. By combining the data from our research and analysis with our knowledge, experience, and creative strategies, we can lead you to your ideal results.

Deebo’s SEM services

More about Deebo’s SEM Services

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Listing advertisements (PPC)

In listing advertisements (PPC), DEEBO selects the most appropriate keywords for the client’s business and delivers advertisements with high conversion rates. In ad serving, we support effective marketing by designing listings that meet the client’s business objectives.

DEEBO’s PPC services take the time to understand your business, goals, and objectives in order to provide you with the best measures to achieve results.

PPC services can be started at a relatively low cost and are characterized by immediate results, making them a cost-effective form of advertising. Since the effectiveness of advertising can be determined by analyzing data such as the number of clicks and conversion rates, it is easy to make improvements that will lead to better results.

At DEEBO, we make the most appropriate proposals for your business, and offer improvement plans and operational adjustments to further enhance the effectiveness of your advertising. We provide total support from strategy to measures and optimization.

Deebo’s PPC Services

More about Deebo’s PPC services

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Search Engine and Website Optimization

DEEBO has expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Optimization (WPO), and provides clients with strategies to improve their website’s search rankings. and DEEBO has a high degree of expertise in this area.

We will work with you to devise a strategy to optimize your search engine using our accumulated know-how and knowledge to generate solid business growth.

Deebo’s SEO Services

More about Deebo’s SEO Services

Website Design Services

Deebo SEO Website Design and Optimization Services Details

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SNS Marketing (SSM)

DEEBO has extensive knowledge and experience in SNS marketing as well, providing total support for SNS marketing tasks such as ad distribution, content creation, and community management in SNS.

DEEBO provides a direct approach to users through social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and LINE to increase awareness of your company or brand. to acquire new customers and promote sales.

More about Deebo’s SNS Marketing Services

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Print Design

DEEBO also handles print design production and offers design production services in a variety of media, including advertisements, brochures, and posters. We provide high quality design work, taking into consideration the client’s branding strategy.

Details of DEEBO’s corporate print design services

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Package Design

DEEBO also demonstrates a high degree of expertise in product packaging design. We provide package designs that maximize the appeal of products and appeal to consumers by creating designs that take into account the product’s characteristics and sales strategy.

Details of DEEBO’s corporate package design services

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Employment Opportunities at DEEBO

DEEBO is currently recruiting personnel in a variety of positions, including marketing consultant, web designer, account manager, project manager, and sales. If you want to make use of your language skills, challenge yourself in a new environment, or are interested in digital marketing, please check out DEEBO’s employment information.

DEEBO is a very free and individualistic company.

Each member participates from all over the world, so working hours and locations vary. We have an environment where you can work flexibly and with your own discretion. We also value internal communication to ensure smooth operations, so if you have any questions or problems, you can consult with someone immediately so that you can proceed with your teaching duties with peace of mind.

We invite you to let your skills, experience, and passion shine at DEEBO.

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Go global with DEEBO!

DEEBO is an English-speaking marketing firm in Japan with a global perspective and a high level of expertise, offering a diverse range of services. We provide strategies to help our clients grow their businesses in a variety of areas such as search engine marketing, print design, and social networking marketing.

We want to expand our services and products overseas, but what should we do?

I want an English website for foreigners, but I don’t know where to start…

No matter how trivial it may seem, we are here to help! Our marketing professionals will provide you with the best solution to any issue you may have.

In addition, DEEBO is currently actively recruiting personnel. We offer attractive career opportunities for those who want to work globally. We will be an important partner for companies that are looking to expand their business in the global market. We look forward to hearing from you!



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