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Unleash Excitement with Gala Kansai 2023 – A Celebration of Japanese-French Cultural Exchange

Gala Paris Region


Step into a world where cultural boundaries blur, and the essence of elegance reigns supreme. Welcome to Gala Kansai 2023, a celebration of opulence and refinement that marries the soul-stirring traditions of Japan and the timeless allure of France. As we mark a decade of exquisite cultural exchange, prepare to be swept away on an extraordinary journey that transcends continents, embracing the very heartbeats of these two vibrant nations. Join us as we unveil a realm of sensory splendor, where artistic mastery and culinary brilliance converge, leaving an indelible mark on your senses and memories.  

Cultural Visionaries and International Collaborators

Cultural Visionaries and International Collaborators   At the heart of Gala Kansai 2023 beats a symphony of cultural visionaries and international collaborators, united by a shared commitment to bridging the divide between nations. A driving force behind this opulent celebration is the esteemed Chambers of Commerce of France. With a legacy steeped in fostering global connections, these chambers have taken on the mantle of cultural ambassadors, curating an event that resonates with the elegance of both Japanese and French traditions. Guided by a mission to nurture the spirit of cultural exchange, the Chambers of Commerce of France have infused Gala Kansai 2023 with a touch of sophistication and finesse. Their dedication to cross-cultural interactions and economic cooperation shines a spotlight on the seamless blend of art, gastronomy, and heritage that defines this extraordinary event. By anchoring this celebration in their commitment to uniting diverse worlds, the Chambers of Commerce of France have transformed Gala Kansai 2023 into an emblem of harmony and elegance, an ode to the power of collaboration between nations.

I. Event Highlights:

Event Highlights Gala Kansai 2023 commemorates its 10th anniversary with a remarkable display of opulence, a collaboration proudly presented by the Chambers of Commerce of France. Immerse yourself in a seamless blend of Japanese and French influences, creating an atmosphere that resonates with grandeur and magnificence. Witness an extraordinary fusion of cultural performances that showcase the pinnacle of both nations’ artistic achievements, leaving you captivated and spellbound. Indulge in the gastronomic masterpiece orchestrated by three acclaimed Parisian chefs, renowned for their Michelin-starred prowess. Delight in the harmonious marriage of French and Japanese flavors that elevate the culinary experience to new heights.

II. Eminent Speakers and Distinguished Guests:

Eminent Speakers and Distinguished Guests Gala Kansai 2023 brings together a constellation of luminaries, each a paragon of excellence within the realms of art, food, and culture. Immerse yourself in their unparalleled insights and wisdom as they share their journeys and accomplishments. Gain profound insights from these distinguished speakers and guests, who have shaped the very fabric of art, food, and culture on a global scale. Discover their remarkable achievements and the indelible impact they have made, enriching the artistic landscape and culinary world with their brilliance.

III. A Gastronomic Odyssey:

A Gastronomic Odyssey for Gala Prepare to be tantalized by an opulent culinary odyssey that only Gala Kansai 2023 can offer. Three Parisian culinary virtuosos, adorned with Michelin stars, collaborate to present a symphony of flavors that seamlessly fuse the artistry of French and Japanese cuisines. Experience a sensory symphony as French and Japanese flavors dance harmoniously on your palate, creating an unparalleled gustatory delight. Immerse yourself in the masterful creations of our Parisian chefs, as they transform ingredients into awe-inspiring works of culinary art that titillate the senses.

IV. A Fusion of Cultural Extravaganza:

A Fusion of Cultural Extravaganza Gala Kansai 2023 unveils an exquisite cultural spectacle, an enchanting portrayal of the artistic confluence between Japan and France. Experience the dynamic interplay between traditional and contemporary art forms, revealing the very heart of both cultures. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing fusion of Japanese and French arts and traditions, painting a vivid tapestry of cultural unity and brilliance. Engage with an eclectic array of performances, installations, and exhibits that capture the essence of both nations’ creative spirits, culminating in an artistic crescendo.

V. Dinner: Groupe Eclore – A Gastronomic Journey Dinner: Groupe Eclore - A Gastronomic Journey

As the sun sets on Gala Kansai 2023, prepare for a culinary journey unlike any other. Introducing “DINNER: GROUPE ECLORE,” a celebration of flavors orchestrated by the visionary Stéphane Manigold.  

STEPHANE MANIGOLD: A Visionary in Gastronomy

A lover of food and wine, and a champagne connoisseur, Stéphane Manigold is a key player in Parisian gastronomy, discovering and nurturing new talent. He has combined his love of the table with his entrepreneurial flair to create Groupe Eclore. Today, Stéphane Manigold heads eight establishments, each with its own personality and culinary approach. By bringing together the chefs of its establishments, Groupe Eclore is able to develop sustainable projects that are rich in meaning. Stéphane Manigold’s approach is marked by a commitment to eco-responsibility, transparency, and authenticity in the selection of products, with an emphasis on their origin and respect for French producers and farmers. Each Groupe Eclore establishment is the expression of this philosophy, offering quality gastronomy that tells a unique story, both on the plate and in the glass. The group is continuing to expand, with an innovative approach focused on people and sustainable gastronomy. Featured Chefs:


Maison Rostang, a landmark restaurant for over 45 years with 2 stars in the Michelin Guide, is a haven for lovers of the great classics of French gastronomy. Chef Nicolas Beaumann combines classicism and modernity to create a bold, fresh, and daring cuisine of excellence. His creations are in keeping with the French tradition, with an ambition to innovate: the product is sublimated, the tastes are frank and dynamic, and the pairings are perfected to offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


At just 30 years of age, chef Matthias Marc expresses his bold, creative vision in the kitchen of the 1 Michelin-starred restaurant Substance. A native of the Jura region, he has proved his worth in prestigious establishments working with star chefs before making a name for himself as a finalist on the TV show Top Chef. The chef sublimates exceptional raw materials into distinctive, aromatic, delicate, and surprising flavors. His cuisine delights in creativity, with graphics, textures, and thought through to the smallest detail.


A native of the Jura region, Tom Meyer quickly climbed the ladder, from Anne-Sophie Pic in Valence, via Lameloise with Eric Pras, then L’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier with Benoît Violier and Franck Giovannini, to finally joining the Eclore group and reaching the stars: his first in the Michelin Guide in March 2022. The restaurant Granite’s chef and associate, Tom Meyer, was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France on November 17, 2022.   A Visionary in Gastronomy

VI. Secure Your Place at the Epitome of Luxury:

Unlock the gateway to this opulent affair by securing your place at Gala Kansai 2023. Early bird rates are available for a limited time, providing you with an exclusive opportunity to be part of this lavish celebration.  

Reservation Process:

  1. RESERVE YOUR SEAT! Click on the below QR code to open the online form. Fill it in with the requested information.
       QR code for Gala          **Deadline to fill in the form:** Tuesday, October 10, 2023  
  1. **RECEIVE YOUR INVOICE:** The French Chamber of Commerce will send you an invoice in a few weeks.
  1. **RECEIVE YOUR INVITATION CARD:** The invitation card(s) will be sent to you by e-mail according to the number of seats reserved (about 1 week before the event).
  **Ticket Rates:**   – **Early Bird Rate** (from Monday, June 19th to Monday, July 31st):   – Member: 35,000 JPY   – Non-Member: 39,000 JPY   – **Member Rate**:   – 38,000 JPY   – **Non-Member Rate**:   – 42,000 JPY   **Reservation Deadline:** Tuesday, October 10   **Important Notes:**   – **Note 1:** An invoice will be sent to you following your reservation confirmation. Please make sure to pay the invoice upon reception. – **Note 2:** Once the form has been submitted, it is impossible to modify its contents. Therefore, please carefully review each item and ensure all the information is correct before submitting your application. – **Note 3:** The fees may not be reimbursed after Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, at 5:00 pm. – **Note 4:** Modifications in reservations after November 1, noon will cost 5,000 yen (tax incl) per request.   Ensure your presence at this exceptional event by registering before the October 10th deadline. Don’t miss the chance to partake in the pinnacle of Japanese-French cultural exchange.   Gala Kansai 2023 beckons you to a realm of opulence, where the fusion of Japanese and French elegance converges in a spectacle that promises to redefine your perceptions of luxury. Reserve your place now and immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary at this distinguished event. Secure Your Place at the Epitome of Luxury
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