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Rakuten Travel Super Sale 2023 Spring Travel, Now Open!

Rakuten Travel Super Sale

Spring is the most magical season of the year. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the whole of Japan is dyed pink and white. In recent years, tourists from all over the world have come together to catch a glimpse of this spectacular scenery known popularly as Hanami.

Good news! Japan has opened its borders, and Rakuten Travel and DEEBO, a digital marketing company, are offering a special sale on hotels and inns from March 4 to March 15, in preparation for the cherry blossom viewing season in March 2023. This is a great chance to experience traditional Japanese culture again and enjoy the beautiful Hanami. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Don’t miss out!

Rakuten Travel Super Sale 2023 Spring is here.

When will the cherry blossoms bloom in 2023?

Daigo ji Gojuoto

There are many different types of Sakura. Somei-Yoshino, with its fantastic pale pink and white petals, is the first variety to bloom and marks the beginning of the season. This is followed by the yamazakura, yaezakura, shidarezakura, gyoikou, shikizakura, and others, all of which delight us with their individuality and charm.

Because temperatures are expected to be much higher than normal throughout Japan, the blooming time of cherry blossoms in 2023 is expected to be earlier than normal.

Starting from Kyushu and Shikoku on March 14 and extending to Kanto, blooming will be widespread by the end of March. Some areas in Hokuriku, Nagano and parts of Tohoku are also expected to bloom by the end of March. By the end of April, the blossoms are expected to cross the Tsugaru Straits and bloom in Hokkaido as well.

Like the bloom date, the full bloom date will also be earlier than normal nationwide, with full bloom in late March in a wide area from Kyushu to Kanto, and in parts of Hokuriku and Tohoku, and in Tokyo, the full bloom is expected on March 25.

In some areas of Hokuriku and Tohoku, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom about 10 days earlier than normal, so if you are considering a Hanami trip, please check the conditions in each area and consider the timing of your trip.

Reference: “tenki.jp” Cherry blossom forecast page

Cherry Blossom

Five cherry blossom viewing spots you should visit at least once

Thinking of going on a cherry blossom viewing trip, but are not sure where to go. For those who are so inclined, we have picked up five cherry blossom viewing spots that you should visit at least once. Please use them as a reference for choosing your travel destination.

Hanami Spots in Japan 1: Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan’s leading tourist cities, especially known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. There are many parks, shrines and temples in Kyoto, each of which is known as a cherry blossom viewing spot.

Typical places include Philosopher’s Path, Tofuku-ji Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and Shimogamo-jinja Shrine. Cherry blossoms are also lit up at various locations in Kyoto City, creating a fantastic nighttime view. During the cherry blossom viewing season, many tourists come to Kyoto to enjoy strolling and viewing the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan 2: Yoshinoyama (Nara Prefecture)

Yoshinoyama, located in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot that attracts many tourists from all over Japan in spring. Among the approximately 30,000 cherry trees in full bloom, someiyoshino cherry trees, known as “Yoshinoyama no Yoshida no sakura” (Yoshino cherry trees), are particularly outstanding with their graceful drooping branches and beautiful pink color.

The area is also rich in historical buildings and cultural assets, including Yoshino Shrine, Yoshino Kumano Shrine, and Kofukuji Temple. Yoshinoyama is one of the best sightseeing spots in Japan, where visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers while experiencing nature and culture.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan 3: Hirosaki Castle (Aomori Prefecture)

Hirosaki Castle, located in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. Every year, approximately 2,600 cherry trees bloom inside the castle and in the park around the castle, and visitors can enjoy beautiful rows of cherry trees and tunnels of cherry blossoms. Especially at night, when the cherry blossoms are lit up, they radiate a fantastic beauty.

In addition to cherry blossoms, Hirosaki Castle is also home to numerous important cultural assets, making it a great place for those interested in history and culture. During the cherry blossom season in spring, events such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Cherry Blossom Tea Ceremony are held, offering a wide variety of ways to enjoy the area. There are many cherry blossom viewing spots and sightseeing spots in the vicinity of Hirosaki Castle, making it a place where visitors can fully enjoy themselves all day long.

Why not visit Hirosaki Castle and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms while feeling the arrival of spring?

Hanami Spots in Japan 4: Himeji Castle (Hyogo Prefecture)

Himeji Castle, located in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, is famous as one of the three most famous castles in Japan. It is also called “Shirasagi-jo” (White Egret Castle) because of the castle’s beauty, with its beautiful white walls and black roofs. During the cherry blossom season, the approximately 1,000 cherry trees planted in the castle are in full bloom, attracting many tourists day and night.

The view of the cherry blossoms from inside the castle is especially breathtaking, and at night the castle is illuminated, creating a fantastic beauty. Himeji Castle is also famous as a historical building and is designated as a national treasure. Visitors can explore the interior of the castle and find a variety of exhibits. Himeji Castle is loved by many as a sightseeing spot not only for its beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, but also for its historical charm.

Hanami Spots in Japan 5: Tokyo

Tokyo also has many famous cherry blossom viewing spots.

Ueno Park is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, with approximately 1,200 cherry trees in full bloom. The park is also home to cultural facilities such as the National Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, allowing visitors to enjoy both cherry blossoms and culture at the same time. The Meguro River is lined with cherry trees for approximately 3.8 kilometers, and approximately 800 cherry trees are in full bloom. At night, the trees are lit up, creating a fantastic view.

Asakusa is also famous for its cherry blossoms, which are spread out along the Sumida River and attract many cherry blossom-viewing visitors. It is recommended to enjoy food stalls under the rows of cherry trees and admire the cherry blossoms with the five-story pagoda of Sensoji Temple in the background. There are many famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, and strolling through them is a fun way to experience the arrival of spring.

Rakuten Travel Super Sale

Save on the Cherry Blossom Season with Rakuten Travel Super Sale!

Rakuten Travel is holding a super sale on hotels and ryokans from March 4 to March 15 to celebrate the arrival of the cherry blossom season. In collaboration with DEEBO, a digital marketing company in Himeji, the sale will offer a 45% discount on hotels and ryokans for a limited time.

Don’t miss out on this great deal on accommodations all over Japan!

Take this opportunity to once again experience the beauty of Japan’s Sakura and take a trip to immerse yourself in Japan’s charms. From bustling Tokyo to the peaceful countryside of Kyoto, there are many options for travelers to choose from. Enjoy the cherry blossom viewing season at a great price.

Rakuten Travel Super Sale 2023 Spring is here.

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