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Rupa Candle, a candle brand using natural materials

Natural Rupa Candles

RupaCandle is a brand of environmentally friendly candles made from natural materials. Using naturally derived materials, RupaCandle makes his works that are safe to use for both adults and children, as well as environmentally friendly.

RupaCandle’s creations come in various sizes and shapes, from simple cylindrical ones to innovative ones shaped like driftwood or rocks. Yasuyoshi Wada, the founder of RupaCandles, creates each his works by hand, so you can be sure to find a one-of-a-kind, original handmade candle.

Natural materials such as beeswax and palm wax are used.

Wax is Made from beeswax and palm  natural Ingredients

 RupaCandle uses 100% natural beeswax and palm wax in its products. Beeswax candles are made from natural wax produced by bees and contain no additives, making them safe for your health. The wicks are also made of natural materials such as cotton and hemp, so there is no need to worry about inhaling toxic substances.

Beeswax candles also burn more slowly and evenly than ready-made ones, so they last longer. It is also known for its antibacterial properties, making it an ideal material for candle-making. The long burn time makes it ideal for creating beautiful home décor pieces that can be used for years.

Palm wax is also made from palm oil, which is produced mainly in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, and does not contain petroleum or synthetic ingredients like paraffin, which is commonly used in ready-made candles, and therefore burns more beautifully and for a longer time.

The candles made with all-natural dyes such as indigo and Akane

candles made with all-natural dyes such as indigo and Akane

 RupaCandle also uses all plant-derived dyes. The indigo used in indigo dyeing and the orange of Akane is all colors extracted from plants.

Indigo, for example, is one of the oldest existing dyes. Its production is still in place today in many parts of Japan. Akane orange is derived from the Akane tree (also known as Japanese persimmon), which grows wild in Japan. The nuts of this tree contain red powder, which can be used as the orange pigment.

The name RupaCandle comes from the Sanskrit word rūpa, which means “color. It expresses our wish to use colors found in the natural world to represent the various “colors” of the world.

 RupaCandle was started by a “chance encounter”

 RupaCandle Invented By chance encounter

 RupaCandle began in 2014. The founder Yasuyoshi Wada was “blown away” by the charm of candles at a market that happened to be held in Tokyo.

When I was living in Tokyo, I happened to go to a candle night market, and I was really blown away,” he says. Seeing so many sparkling them, I simply fell in love with candles. From there, I started attending candle-making classes, and now I am making my own original candles through self-study and trial and error. (Yasuyoshi Wada)

 RupaCandle wants more people to know how wonderful candles are.

RupaCandle wishes to spread the word about candles.

 Lastly, we asked Yasuyoshi Wada about his goal of candle-making.

What RupaCandle wants to achieve in the future is to let people who don’t know about the soft light of candles know how wonderful they are, and to let people who already love candles appreciate them even more.

I am originally from Tokyo, where the streets are always bright at night with streetlights and other bright lights. Now I have moved from Tokyo to Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku, and I really like living in the countryside, where there are fewer lights than in Tokyo, and I enjoy candlelight. I would love to share the wonderful experience of relaxing by candlelight.

The world today is in a state of overabundance and light. I would like to convey the wonderfulness of what I call “sufficient light,” or light that is enough for our needs, through the use of candles.

In order to achieve this, I think it is necessary to let people who really need and are interested in candles know about RupaCandle first. Also, RupaCandle uses traditional Japanese colors such as indigo and Akane, so I would be very happy if people in other countries would be interested in our candles as well. (by Yasuyoshi Wada)

How about a beautiful handmade candle as a gift for a loved one or as a reward for yourself?

Handmade Rupa Candles Use all plant-derived dyes

RupaCandle” is a candle brand that uses natural materials and allows you to enjoy soft, natural lighting in an environmentally friendly way. If you are interested in RupaCandle’s handmade candles, please check out their SNS. Custom-made orders are also accepted. On weekends, RupaCandle often opens stalls at events in Tokushima, Hyogo, Kyoto, and other prefectures in the Kansai region and throughout Japan, so be sure to check out their stall information as well.

 RupaCandle’s Instagram:

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