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What is a Search Display Campaign? Explanation of how to set it up, benefits, etc

Search Display Campaign is one of the most frequently used methods of managing advertisements using Google Ads, allowing you to display your ads in ad spaces on other people’s websites, apart from those displayed on search results pages within Google’s ad serving network.
This article explains how to set up a search display campaign, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages. We will also discuss points to keep in mind when operating a search display campaign, so please take a look at it as a reference for your ad operations.

What is a search display campaign?

A search display campaign is a type of Google advertising campaign that combines search and display advertising.
Normally, search ads are displayed on Google’s search results pages, and display ads are displayed on other websites. However, with a search display campaign, both types of ads can be displayed at the same time.
In this campaign, relevant ads can be displayed to users who conducted a Google search for a specific search term. At the same time, ads can also be displayed on relevant websites in Google’s display network.
This allows your ads to reach a wider audience. In addition, by combining search and display ads, you may be able to cover a broader audience and get more clicks and conversions.

How to Set Up a Search Display Campaign

To set up a search display campaign, you must first create an account with Google Ads. once you have logged into your Google Ads account, you can create a new campaign from the “+Campaigns” settings page, following the steps below.


1, Click “+Campaigns” and select “New Campaign.
2, Select “Search Display Campaign” in the Campaign Type.
3, Set the campaign name, ad group name, budget, bids, etc.
4, Configure the ad group settings. Here, set it to include both search and display ads.
5、Add keywords and perform targeting for display ads.
6, Create ads. Here you can choose different ad types for each of the search and display ads.
7, Review the campaign and if there are no problems, start the campaign.


Settings include detailed settings such as ad display format and targeting method. It is important to make the appropriate settings according to the objectives of the campaign.

search display campaign

How Search Display Campaigns Work

A search display campaign is an ad serving method that uses ad serving services such as Google Ads and Yahoo! Promotion Ads to display ads on search results pages and other people’s websites.

The targets (destinations) to which advertisers distribute their advertisements include the search results pages of Google and Yahoo! You can also specify categories such as keywords and interests to target your ads.

Once you have set your target audience, you can then set your bid amount. The amount of your bid will vary depending on where you want to display your ad, your target audience, and the advertiser’s competition. The higher your bid, the more likely your ad will be displayed.

Ads are displayed at the top and bottom of the search results page, as well as in banners and text ads on websites. The timing of when an ad is displayed is determined by the advertiser’s target audience, bid amount, keyword relevance, and ad quality.

When an advertisement is clicked, the advertiser is directed to the advertiser’s website. The advertiser pays a fixed advertising fee based on the number of ad clicks. Advertisers can increase awareness of their products and services, promote access to their websites, and increase sales by displaying their advertisements.


The following are three advantages of search display campaigns.

Leads to increased impressions and conversions

Search display campaigns allow advertisements to be placed on both the search and display networks. This allows more users to see your ads and increases the number of impressions.
Furthermore, search ads can deliver ads to people who are highly interested in products and services because ads are displayed according to search keywords. Display ads also show ads that match the content that users are viewing on a website, making them more likely to be interested and increasing conversion rates.

Another advantage of display ads is that they can be placed on a variety of websites and applications, making it possible to deliver ads to a wide range of target audiences.
By placing ads in both search and display ads, you can improve both the number of impressions and the conversion rate, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your sales promotion.

You can attract potential customers.

Search display campaigns allow you to set the target (destination) of your ads. This makes it possible to attract users who are interested in your products and services.
For example, by setting up advertisements on a specific website or application, you can display advertisements to users who are browsing that website. You can also set up the display of ads for specific keywords to reach users who are interested in your products and services.

Effortless and Strategic Operation

In a search display campaign, you can choose where to place your ads. This makes it possible to deliver advertisements that match the target audience.
In addition, ad placements on websites and in applications can deliver ads to people who are interested in them, thus attracting potential customers and promoting sales.


Although search display campaigns are expected to be highly effective, there are some disadvantages.
Because of the variety of ad placement destinations, the quality of ads and timing of delivery may vary. In addition, the cost of advertising can be high because it is necessary to set high bids in order to increase the ad display rankings. In addition, the effectiveness of ads is difficult to measure because they do not have a direct conversion effect as search ads do.


Search display campaigns are an expensive method of ad serving for advertisers. When setting up a campaign, advertisers must determine the cost of ad serving by configuring the ad display method, cost-per-click, and other settings. In addition, advertisers may face increased costs due to competition.

The effectiveness of advertising cannot be directly measured.

When conducting a search display campaign, it may not be possible to directly measure the effectiveness of the advertisement. Although data such as the number of times an ad is displayed, the number of clicks, and the number of conversions can be collected, these data do not accurately measure the effectiveness of an ad. In order to measure the effectiveness of advertisements, advertisers themselves need to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertisements.

search display campaign

Grow your business by following the operational points!

Search display campaigns are a way to distribute advertisements by utilizing ad spaces on websites, and can increase ad impressions and conversions. It is also a great benefit to your business as it allows you to reach potential customers.
However, since targeting is extensive, great care must be taken to ensure efficient operation. Learn how to effectively set up and operate search display campaigns to help your business grow.
If you have any questions about web advertising management, please feel free to contact us.


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